MudBuster Marine Clean 750ml


How to use

For large outside areas

1. Pour a cup full into a bucket and dilute with water

2. Using a sponge/brush etc scrub all surfaces

3. Rinse off

4. For more stubborn grime, spray directly for a concentrated cleaning strength.


For interiors

1. Spray and wipe application


Marine Clean

Our Marine Cleaner will washes, waxes and remove black streaks  in one application. The product also doubles in as a interior cleaner and will, when applied in the correct dilution rate, clean carpets, seats, worktops, showers, cookers, fridges and flooring, leaving your boat spotless.

Effective for cleaning:

  • Boats, Jet Skis, PWC’s
  • Wall & Floor Tiles
  • Plastics and panels
  • Engine compartments
  • Cookers & Ovens
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Barbecues
  • Rubbers & Seals

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